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                      This is basic political science, which every voter must know.   

Intelligent Liberals are in the left center, rejecting the lies, betrayal, and monopoly of the Democratic and Republican Parties. 
The Republican Party represents most of America's wealthy, and the dumbest poor and middle class voters who are easily manipulated.  Republicans accuse Democrats of being socialists, wanting to help others, but it's Republicans who are committing treason by turning against their own country and people.  They ignore the reality that some of the happiest and healthiest people on earth thrive in democratic socialist countries.  It's Republican Nixon who sent U.S. jobs to communist China, but Republican Sen. McCarthy who created absolute paranoia against communism, so they have no real ideology.   Republican voters are loyal to THE PARTY, not to any ideals or to the USA.
Libertarians are against government involvement in the lives of people, and favor big business.   However, it's the removal of controls that resulted in banking corruption and the 2008 Recession, which is now a worldwide recession.  Ron Paul is dangerous, just another political liar, and he will plunge America into the Dark Ages and cause huge loss of life by replacing democracy with anarchy and violence.  Look at what he really is, not what he says he is.  The simple-minded hear the word anarchy, or his radical ideas, and jump to the easy conclusion that it's a solution.  In reality, it would be the biggest problems Americans would ever face, and one that will destroy them, as wealthy vultures pick over their bones, without government intervention to rescue the victims.
The Tea Party was able to get enough Republicans elected in 2010 to make Congress completely unable to accomplish anything.  Those newly elected Republicans heard the rage of their voters, but blamed the Tea Party.  Simple-minded people believed that, however common sense tells us that no politician ignores the voters unless there is a more powerful motivation.  It's most likely the powerful secret government that is controlling Republicans in Congress.
Intelligent Americans support independent, or third party, liberal candidates, or the Democratic Party, if
necessary, to defeat the Right.
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                                                               Page 1 CONTENTS

Intelligent Liberal's agenda 
Obama'a agenda                 
2011 Republican/Tea Party agenda
There's only one way to save the U.S.
The November 2012 presidential election
The November 2010 elections (Impeach & Replace)
Republicans took a dive in 2008
Republican and Tea Party lies
Republican Treason
Voting as a privilege
Term limits
The violent future of the United States
The so-called 'greatest generation' is a lie

                Intelligent Liberal's agenda
1.  First, voters need to work together to take back control of their own country, then concentrate on one issue at a time to WIN.  Immediately replace all Republicans, and those Democrats who have greedily damaged the U.S.  Stop donating money to either Party and those candidates, and let them know what you're doing and why.
2.  Hold the media accountable for their bias, whether for Democrats or Republicans (Media Bias).  If this isn't successful, it will threaten to sabotage all other efforts.
It's critical that the American people know what the media is refusing to tell them, and that public demonstrations, government illegalities, etc. be publicized.
If your media refuses to do their job, demand that the editor/owner/publisher be fired.  Continue to get them fired until they do publish abuses in local and national media.
Go to the best online free speech areas available, , every day and speak out.

3.  We have to attack and control another deeply entrenched crime organization:  the banking industry.  If we don't, there will be a Great Depression that will make it nearly impossible for most of us to fight back at all. ( - banking demands)
4.  We have to get a healthcare plan that won't drastically increase the deficit, such as Alan Grayson's (FL) www.wewantmedicare , which simply lets Americans buy into Medicare, or  (formerly at Insurance which establishes an independent, non-profit insurance 'company', so the cost of premiums and benefits would be extremely low (not free).  It's the only way to attack corrupt insurance companies.
5.  We have to control the military, and stop the killing, waste, and the debt. 
6.  We have to educate the masses, which can be done in an organized way.  It's a waste of time to even talk to Tea Party members -- they refuse to think for themselves.  The government has been forcing schools all across American to dumb-down and produce stupid and weak followers.  People have to know how badly they're being betrayed in Washington.
7. If you are a liberal, living in a largely Republican area, move out.  It's not an emergency, but about your quality of life.  Liberals can't enjoy life surrounded by animosity.  This will also strengthen liberal areas of the country.
8.  We have to join with liberals around the world to save intelligent liberals, such as Assange, who put their lives on the line. 
9.  We have to truly honor liberals as the heroes they are.  The American people not only paid to have JFK assassinated with their tax dollars, but they didn't even have the decency to truly honor him by aggressively going after everyone responsible.  Instead, they named buildings and streets after him, while he left us a valuable legacy that goes on forever -- honorable leadership.  He deserved a lot better from us. 
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable." JFK 
We must do the opposite of what the current political traitors want.
They demand that some businesses are too big to fail.  No, it's the United States that's too big to fail, yet they're trying to destroy the country, and have been committing treason for over 30 years.   We must demand that congress undo the damage Ronald Reagan caused and that the laws which Republicans deleged must be reinstated.
The Bush Recession harmed countries all over the world because our economies are too dependent on each other.  Countries must keep their economies more separate, which is the opposite of what George Bush bragged about -- the New World Order he and other traitors are trying to force on us.
We're forced to bail out the federal banking system, so we must demand state banks which can take away their massive wealth and help the individual states.
They eliminated the Glass-Spiegel protections, so we must demand it be replaced with the same name.  This is so obvious that they would've done that by now if they weren't preparing to screw us again.
Democrats forced us to finance Obamacare by burying all competition.  That's unAmerican, and a big reason why we must demand Obamacare be replaced.
Obama, and others, have threatened to control the Internet, allegedly because of terrorism, but once they have that control, they'll never give it up.  The real reason is to control the people.  It WILL be used by political leaders and the wealthy to silence all critics, and to stop their victims from helping each other survive abuse and expose treason.   IL tried to set up an alternative system many years ago, but liberal leaders refused to listen.
They forced American schools to produce dumb people who would be easier to control.  We must demand massive public education on television to expose the corruption they have worked to hide.
THEY want us to keep quiet, so we need to yell as loud and as often as we can.
THEY want us to be invisible, so we need to stand up in public and speak out.
THEY want their crimes kept secret so they work to control the media, so we need to protest and tell the ignorant public as much as possible. We need their support and votes.
THEY attack us, individually or in small groups, so we need to organize into groups.
THEY’ve been working for decades to condition us to obey without question, so we need to start by just saying no to their abuse, and to illegal laws, and just keep going.

                             Obama's Agenda
Obama is finally talking about going after the wealthy.  It's perfect justice because the party of the wealthy has gotten Republican tax cuts for decades while trying to destroy the poor and middle classes at the same time.
The wealthy Republican Party caused the Bush Recession and severe deficit, so they must pay for their treason.  They have to be stopped because they can't control themselves.   They're money addicts.

2011 Republican/Tea Party Agenda

The newly elected Representatives in the House have done tremendous damage to the U.S. economy, credit rating,
and threatened survival of millions of Americans.
can't be recalled by voters, and can't be impeached
because the House has to do that.  So, the American people will continue to be victimized by those traitors for several more years, long after they can be driven out.
The Republican Party is the party of treason and greed. They're trying to create a country with only two
 (rich and poor), which is what the original settlers came here to get away from.   They plan for very few extremely wealthy Republicans to rule the U.S. like dictators.  They're as fanatical about having power as they are about accumulating enormous wealth.  Wealthy Republicans are idiots to think that their money will save them.
Newly-elected House Republicans are deliberately sabotaging our economy, and destroying lives, so they can win in 2012.  They're voting for massive amounts of money to be sent to other countries while cutting important funding for our middle class and the poor.  Their intention is to create as much human misery and economic chaos as possible, then launch a massive propaganda campaign before the 2012 election, blaming Democrats for what they
One would expect House Republicans to wait until after the 2010 elections to launch an attack like this, so they'd have a chance of getting more legislators and a president elected.  Unfortunately, that's over a year and a half away--and they know their voters can't remember that far.
Their wars, waste, and corruption drove us deep into debt, but they didn't care.  Then when Democrats had power, they suddenly went into rages about the debt, but they never demanded cuts in corruption or waste, no they cut programs that would keep them from losing their homes and lives.  It's absolutely suicidal.
They rant about what the national debt is doing to the younger generations, but never cared that they were responsible for all the deaths resulting from their corrupt wars.  They don't care that their Bush Tax Cuts are 
endangering the lives and futures of millions of poor kids and their families.  Republicans are mass murderers, with no consciences.
Republican voters refuse to learn the lessons of history, including ones as recent as those from Reagan to Bush.  Many won't forget because they never knew the truth.  Instead of taking a political science class, they choose to listen solely to professional liars.   Instead of searching for the facts themselves, they listen to the opinions of the ignorant, mostly because they're not intelligent enough to understand what's really going on.  The rest of us have to work harder to compensate for Republican stupidity, so they can live on political welfare their entire lives.
Republicans love to accuse liberals of being lazy, but it's Republicans who are too lazy to search for the truth and stop sabotaging their own survival.

Why would poor and middle class voters demand that cuts be made which threaten their own survival, so that there can be more billionaires and multi-billion dollar corporations that pay NO taxes at all?  Stupidity.
When you listen to them speak, they usually don't know much about politics, are not smart enough to grasp the simple facts, and are easily deceived.
They are truly pathetic people who have been powerless all their lives, and now suddenly the whole world is watching them.  They are drunk with power, but don't have a single good idea for implementing changes.
They never said a word when George Bush sent this country deep into debt, and have chosen the worst time to suddenly become obsessed with the debt.  They're so stupid they never see that they're simply being manipulated by the wealthy who need their votes to continue to rape the U.S.
This is all the result of dumbing-down, a policy created by the powerful and wealthy many decades ago.
Liberals have let them get away with this and must take on the responsibility of educating America's village idiots before they drag us all down.
An example of Tea Party stupidity:  They're outraged that Obama said there might not be enough money for Social Security because of the Tea Party, but it's Republicans who started embezzling money from Social Security decades ago, tried to destroy it year after year, and tried to send the money to Wall Street where it would have all been lost.
Another example:  Tea Party members are suddenly ranting about the debt because Republicans tell them it's more important than anything else, but they're actually threatening the U.S. debt with Republican 'solutions'.
The U.S. can NOT survive the Tea Party, so liberals need to fight like hell to defeat them.

Wait a minute.  We're being told that Republican leaders are being controlled by the Tea Party, but does that make any sense?   They have far more voters who are furious about what they're doing, and social security cuts will hurt them all.
Here's another idea.  Maybe Republican leaders, being the sleazy bums that they are, are just using the Tea Party as scapegoats, and they're really being controlled by the super-wealthy, super-powerful, unknown traitors who are destroying this country.

           There's only one way to save the U.S.
I.L. tried to get liberal leaders across the country to join together in a Tea Party to impeach King George (Bush), and other things, but they arrogantly refused.  Voting is the best weapon left to the American people.  However, federal legislators have sabotaged that by making it illegal for voters to vote them out in recall elections. The reason is that they don’t want to be held accountable for corruption and incompetence. So, rather than do a good job, they passed an ‘illegal law’ to protect corruption.   In just one year, legislators can do tremendous damage, and must be subject to recall.
Public demonstrations are effective in making up for some media bias, but only serve as a warning that future votes are at stake.
States need to join together in a class action lawsuit against the federal government, challenging the legality of laws which prohibit federal recall elections.  In the meantime, demand impeachment of Republicans and all other legislators who vote for HR 1.  That threat alone may be enough to get the message across to congress that they must change the election recall law and also work to save the U.S. Voters have to work fast.
Voters must demand state and local recall elections immediately, replacing all Republicans and those Democrats who are not working to save the U.S.  Every successful election will serve as a warning to those who now take voters for granted. Just the threat of losing an election would shock some into changing, so each state should decide how long before each election.  Voters should keep repeating this process, as quickly as possible, until they have legislators who will save the U.S. by demanding intelligent reforms, getting rid of all 'illegal laws', and ACCOUNTABILITY!
At the same time, all voters must demand more states rights and less power on the federal level. This is almost the ONLY thing we can do. Legislators don't care if we cut financial support -- they're already bought and paid for, by special interests.
Implement intelligent, common sense solutions which aren't popular with Republicans or Democrats, but will be very popular with most Americans.  It would be counter-productive to list them until the American people have elected legislators who will truly put  U.S. survival first.

          The November 2012 presidential election
Unless things change, America will suffer another Republican president because of the following.
1.  Dumbing-down worked like a charm.  The masses are so dumb they almost have to be reminded to 'breathe in, breathe out'.   The blame goes to older Americans and Democratic leaders who allowed Republicans to victimize America's children so they could convince the masses to vote for their own destruction.
2.  While liberal legislators have been doing a good job lately, they should have done a lot more in recent years to keep Republicans out of office, pushed to impeach Bush before he could destroy our economy, and cleaned up corruption.  Other liberal leaders have been acting like Republicans, working for their own profits, not to win elections and educate the masses.  They focus on getting donations to their causes, rather than focusing on promoting liberalism, which is what Obama has done wrong.
If the U.S. is going to survive Republican destruction, treason, and their New World Order, liberals have to work very hard in 2011 and 2012 to educate the masses and their leaders.  "Evil flourishes when good men do nothing," Edmund Burke.
Warning, if a Republican is elected it's doubtful that any good liberal will want to run for office in 2016.  Obama attempted to clean up their treason, but like spoiled rotten, ungrateful children, Republicans began tearing him apart before he even took office.  No liberal leader would want to step into that again, so the U.S. will continue to die.  

The November 2010 elections
Republicans won by saying Obama failed to produce jobs.  Since then those Republicans have not produced a single jobs bill, and have voted to cut 700,000 jobs with HR1.
They also won by criticizing Obamacare, and saying they have a better plan.  That was their most obvious lie.  If they had a better plan, they would have disclosed it before the elections, to be sure they'd win.
Solution:  They ran on 'repeal and replace'.  They lied to America, so America's response to those Republican legislators should be 'Impeach and Replace' with liberals, before they completely destroy our economy.
That election was nothing more than the idiot masses shooting themselves in the foot, just to show their anger toward Obama and most Democrats.  Less than two years after Bush tried to destroy the country, they voted Republican again.  You'll be paying for that stupidity for the rest of your lives, and your children will hate you
If you voted Republican, you owe it to the American people to work to get them replaced with liberals.

                     Republicans took a dive in 2008 
Republican leaders knew that nobody on earth could bring the country back from the severe damage George Bush had done, so they deliberately took a dive by putting up two candidates that most Americans HAD to vote against. McCain had a potentially fatal heart condition, and might not be able to finish his term if elected president, because of the stress. So, Republicans picked somebody who was actually dumber than Bush to be the vice-presidential candidate.
They conned their own Republican voters who are so stupid they were in shock when they heard that Obama had won.
They conned their own Republican voters.  Those people donated so much money to candidates that obviously wouldn't win, but they just couldn't get that they were being set up.  
Republicans seem to work together, but are really very selfish. Greed is the powerful glue that holds them together. Plus, they see liberals as the enemy, which motivates them to organize..
Democrats believe in working for the common good of all, but fail to work together to achieve their goals. Instead they remain separated by their own agendas.
The real difference between the two parties is the basic mentality of their people.  Democrats are saying, "we, us" while Republicans are saying "me, mine".  It's about Republican personal greed and grabbing vs. Democrats sharing and caring.  
Republicans value money more than humanity, while Democrats value human life most, which is why Republicans are against programs which help humanity survive, such as unemployment benefits and all other forms of welfare, but are in support of welfare for the wealthy and corporations.  Democrats want more government, Republicans want much less, and neither idea is intelligent. (more later)
Republicans constantly accuse Democrats of advocating socialism, using Russia as an example.  Intelligent liberals know very well that Russia’s system is communism, while socialism is very successful in other countries. 
The decline of the United States is the result of Republicans' parasitic capitalism and greed, beginning with the election of Reagan in 1980,  and Democratic leaders' betrayal of their own constituants.  To restore American, the people must stop voting for, and donating to, the Republican and Democratic Parties, candidates, and agendas.    
Republicans are trying to scare Americans away from liberalism, which would benefit them, and toward the extreme form of Republican parasitic capitalism, which harms them.  Intelligent liberals know better than to believe anything that comes from Russia or Republicans - they’re too much alike, as both are based on lies and domination over the people.  
With the full cooperation of the FBI, they'll go after us, sending us to prison, if we record shows on VHS tapes, but couldn't care less that our lives are destroyed from things like identity theft and scams.  This continues for the same reason as all the other problems -- the American people just can't learn to work together against a common enemy.  Instead of those who can afford to pay for protection from identity theft, and everybody else suffers, why can't people learn to combine forces against legislators (beginning of site), then demand that our tax dollars be used to protect us all from all crimes against us.
                 Republican & Tea Party Lies
1.  Vicious Republicans choose to believe that the homeless just appeared out of nowhere during Ronald Reagan's presidency, that suddenly millions of people decided to be alcoholics and drug addicts, and that they WANT to be homeless.   Intelligent liberals know that Reagan CREATED the homeless crisis as a result of Republican greed which gave U.S. jobs to citizens of other countries.   Before Reagan, there were almost no homeless people in the U.S.  Republicans are THAT blind.  The truth is that Republicans took jobs from those people, and some of the homeless have turned to alcohol / drugs to avoid suicide, because they have no hope as long as stupid people keep voting for Republican greed.

2.  They believe the lies that tax cuts for the wealthy create jobs.  They've been falling for that lie for decades and are never smart enough to ask, 'So, where are the jobs?'  It's Obama who is creating jobs, while newly-elected Republicans are trying to cut another 700,000 with HR1. 
The truth is that tax cuts for the wealthy destroy jobs because the money is then taken from the middle class small businesses which do create jobs.

3.  The Tea Party movement is financed by Republicans so that angry Republicans can vent, rather than voting for conservative Democrats.  They convince the tea partiers that they need to vote for Republican candidates, as Palin has already done.  The Boston Tea Party was the result of high taxes which went to England, not against money which would help each other.  Since the time this became a country, men have fought FOR the country, but today's Tea Partiers fight to destroy it. 

4.  They believe that a national health care plan will benefit bad (lazy) people, which means all liberals.  This is what Tea Partiers were enraged about, that money will be spent to save lives, but they fully supported Republican Bush's death and destruction.  So, they're lying -- it's not about the money at all.  They are so fanatical in their hatred of liberals that they want them to die
In reality, we need government health care because it's the only way to defend ourselves against corrupt insurance companies like Guide One and the Des Moines, Iowa, D.A. and Attorney General who protect them from any prosecution.  The American people have proven they'll let insurance companies murder them before they'll stand up and fight back, so we have to stop financing that corruption.

5.  Republicans support George Bush's attempt to lie about his presidency in his book.  We should have demanded that U.S. schools buy only legitimate history books long ago.
   The Tea Party was never outraged that America's schools were deliberately producing stupid kids because they wallow in their own stupidity.   They elected Village Idiot Bush because they identify with him.   The Tea Party 
couldn't exist without dumb voters.

6. Republicans are still obsessing over Bill Clinton's sex life, for which they tried to get him impeached.  
Republicans, who claim to be almost Puritanical, are obsessed with liberals' sexual activities, while mentally healthy people have better things to think about, like surviving George Bush.   Republicans, who falsely claimed to represent 'family values', are notorious for helping the prostitution industry flourish at every Republican Convention.  Do they see all women, including their wives, as whores too?  Republicans need to develop a mentally healthy view of sex, which should be a real family value.

7.  Republicans claim to be more charitable, in spite of evidence to the contrary, such as their consistent cuts in spending for the poor.  That inconsistent mentality also ignores the reality that the Republican Party is the par
ty of the wealthy, and most of them only donate to get tax benefits.

Republican Treason
One president after another has given American jobs to citizens of other countries.  In 2009, Obama promised more than 600,000 stimulus jobs, but the actual unemployment rate is around 20%, counting the underemployed and temporarily employed.   In all fairness, those jobs should first go to the victims of Republican treason.  
Republican presidents (esp. Nixon and Reagan) are notorious for sending American jobs to our Communist enemies for the benefit of greedy American business leaders.  That was after Republican Joseph McCarthy created a Communist paranoia, caused the American people to live in fear, and destroyed the lives of many non-Republicans before he was finally stopped.  
Republican presidents (Reagan and Bush) granted amnesty to Mexicans so they could take jobs from Americans.
No spy, no foreign power has ever sabotaged the American workers and the financial strength of the U.S. like American politicians have, yet they're never prosecuted.  Blame the American people themselves, for not joining together to save their jobs and country.
George Bush is America's Saddam.  Both were leaders of their countries when they murdered huge numbers of civilians for their own political and monetary gains.  Saddam was tried and held accountable for his murders in a court of law, so that's where the similarity ends.  The British fired Tony Blair for his part in the Iraq War, but the American people refused to impeach Bush.  So, the question is, how many counts of treason did George Bush have to commit before the American people hold him accountable?

                             Voting as a privilege
Voting should be earned by learning the facts, being able to recognize propaganda, and by being adult enough to face reality.
There’s a reason why most truly stupid people are drawn to the Republican and Tea Parties.  That’s the party of lies and deceit so obvious that only the most ignorant would believe them.  That explains why Republicans called an emergency session of congress to stop all funding for NPR and PBS, the media outlets that inform and expose corruption.   Republican lies can't stand up to the truth.
They can’t be simply stupid, they also have to be too lazy to do any research for themselves, and too scared to find out that they‘ve been wrong.
Middle class Republican voters keep electing politicians who cut funding that helps them survive.  So, Republican voters are both mentally ill and so filled with hatred toward liberals that they’ll commit financial suicide just to get them.
If only knowledgeable, intelligent people were allowed to vote, the Republican Party wouldn’t exist.

                             Term Limits
are a simpleton's non-solution to the problem of corrupt politicians.  It throws out the good with the bad, but we need to reward the good and fire only the bad ones.  
Try telling a successful CEO that he should fire all the people who have worked successfully for his company for more than a few years.  You don't get rid of the people who are doing a good job just because they've worked a certain number of years, but that's the solution Republicans always want.  Republicans consistently make bad decisions. 

             The Future of the United States    
The only thing that makes sense of all the acts of treason committed by our political leaders over the past few decades, is that they’re deliberately trying to drive the U.S. so deep into debt, making the American people so desperate, that they will allow the wealthy and powerful to take over the country (George Bush=The New World Order). Their ultimate goal is total control and destruction of the Constitution, enslaving us, so they won't have to be accountable to us ever again. (Solution choices for sale at end of site)
Every intelligent person knows there's violence coming.  Those who created the banking fraud, George Bush, and all leaders, knew that the results of the fraud would be a recession, resulting in a rise in crime and violence.  It was DELIBERATE.
Some people are stockpiling, but most are doing nothing. Very few people are actually working to prevent violence, including officials who are entrusted to do just that. Some people actually think that life will go on as it always has.
Do we see our future in Egypt today or will our leaders learn from it?  So far, legislators continue to sell out to big money most of the time. They’re counting on the American people not working together, against them and their corruption.   The third choice is that our leaders will heed the warning, but will decide to head off upheaval by instituting a more totalitarian government.  Whether that works to destroy the U.S., as we know it, depends on the percentage of Americans who stand united against corruption.
This is what you’ve done to your children -- because you refuse to fight peacefully, your descendants will have to fight violently: .
Bush is the worst president we’ve ever had, but Obama’s failing to undo the damage by making jobs his priority. He also refused to admit his failure in forcing a national healthcare plan written by corrupt insurance companies. By selling out to insurance companies, he ignored the will of the people.
The question is, will Obama and legislators take 
other nations' riots as a warning. 
To avoid violence, we must educate voters and demand accurate information from the media, not bias and lies.
It will be our young who will turn to violence because we have left them no choice, and that anger will be turned against their elders. While older generations continue to go like sheep to the slaughter, caving in to government corruption and abuse, the young will fight back. It‘s always the young who are ready to fight to clean up after their parents, but these younger generations will absolutely despise their elders when they find out how badly they’ve been betrayed. Most people aren’t intelligent enough to see the importance of changing a situation BEFORE it becomes a disaster. They just want to avoid the effort and hope things work themselves out. That results in absolute failure.
If the U.S. becomes violent, we will all lose because the angry masses aren’t intelligent enough to go after those at the top who caused our problems. No, they’ll go after their neighbors and local businesses. They’ll devastate YOU and your families and friends.
As Americans become more desperate, they'll fall prey to scammers because they’re looking for easier solutions or aren’t intelligent enough to see what has to be done.  That will also result in increased violence.
Because of the cost of incarceration, angry prisioners will be released who will have no trouble finding people to victimize.  As a result, more people will want guns for protection, so count on the government to completely outlaw private ownership of guns.

If there's going to be a better world, it's the intelligent and good people who need to survive, for the sake of the country and future generations, not those who reproduce generations of parasites who feed on others (Republicans). As the U.S. continues to decay, and soon won’t be a country we want to live in, but we won’t be able to move out.
The masses are going to be squeezed more and more, and will be the victims of more scams as they desperately try to survive.  On the tv show Gold in Alaska, men who were suffering from Bush's Recession, gambled everything and spent a fortune on equipment, etc. to find gold. They don't have an ounce of common sense between them, and made one critical mistake after another. They clearly didn't do their research and didn't plan realistically.  If it was a sure thing, somebody with big money, who knew what they were doing, would be there already.
History is repeating itself. Those who searched for gold, a hundred and fifty years ago, didn't do well, while those who held ordinary jobs, supplying the miners’ needs, did very well. If these guys had worked with others and demanded changes to clean up corruption in Washington, they'd have good jobs and security.  Instead, they're off on their own, in desperation, while those who owned the land and equipment are making a secure living from them. Hopefully, they won't make a profit, because if they do, more idiots will be running after the gold and losing out. Getting rich quick is STILL a stupid way to go.
They went to Alaska, bear country, but they left food laying around and one guy only took a tent  Worst of all, they took kids. Who endangers children's lives like that?  Instead of learning from that mistake, they took their families up there. The only people who should be there are those actually doing the work.
They took a ton of stuff, including lumber to build a cabin which wasn't bear proof. They wasted critical time 'playing house' instead of simply taking the bare essentials and living together in 1 or 2 campers.
There's an old guy who should be wiser, but he lets his emotions determine his actions.  He doesn't seem to think before acting, and his character is questionable because he convinced them that he had to weigh the gold in private -- another meaning for 'fool's gold'.  
Even if those miners find gold, it’s only a temporary solution, whereas attacking our problems as one people, not Republicans' attacking liberals and dividing the country, is a permanent solution.

         The so-called ‘greatest generation’ is a lie

There’s no such thing as a greatest generation.
There are great soldiers, great armies, and great leaders, but it’s idiotic to believe that there can be a greatest generation.   The WWII generation included about the same percentage of cowards and people with criminal mentalities, as any other generation.

That chose to repeat the pattern of destruction, violence and abuses of their ancestors. 
They had no problem with 'whites only' businesses, etc. or with police violently beating peaceful protesters who just wanted African-Americans to be able to vote.

That generation did nothing to bring the JFK assassins to justice, then let those same Pentagon officers murder 58,000 of their children in Vietnam.  
They did nothing for those returning war veterans, just as they did nothing for their own generation, even though it's always been common knowledge that VA hospitals are abusive, sometimes killing veterans of WWI and WWII.

They even fought against their children, the Baby Boomers, as they tried to make the country a better place.
The Boomers fought for decades to help save women children, minorities, and the environment.  
Instead of recognizing the good things their children were trying to accomplish, they willingly financed government violation of legal and civil rights against those who dared to fight the corruption.

Eventually, most of the Boomers were beaten down, gave up and conformed, but the results have been catastrophic. They learned that it’s useless to fight back, and as a result, the U.S. is dying today.  





Last updated:  12/11
To be continued.  


Bush knew where bin Laden Was Hiding-no reward?
Obama betrays liberals again
HR 1 & Republican crimes against our humanity
Mortgage Crisis Mystery
National Deficit
Republicans LOVE Welfare
Welfare Depts. (later)
Why should we care about civil service salaries?
Yes, we can - stop Bush tax cuts
Stop Bad Teachers
To the victims of dumbing-down and gov't lies
No charter school funding
Cops and civilians need to work together
Activism-the need to support liberalism with
       vacation $, and fight the oil companies.
Sign BERNIE SANDERS petition against
        Citizens' United  

     Bush Knew Where bin Laden Was Hiding
In 2008
STOP BLAMING PAKISTAN!  Pakistan didn't commit treason against the United States, George Bush did!  Pakistan may have secretly aided in bin Laden's killing, but they wouldn't be able to admit it.   The biggest problem with blaming Pakistan is that it encourages our warmongers to start another war, or military action.
A CIA official during the Bush administration stated that they knew bin Laden was hiding in a villa in Pakistan. This could be further proof that Bush started the Iraq War to help bin Laden.
This information was discussed yesterday on Inside Edition’s story, “Scoop on Bin Laden's Whereabouts Was Ignored in 2008”. In 2008, Christiane Amanpour revealed that a former CIA official, who was involved with the intelligence community working to find bin Laden, told her that bin Laden was living in a villa in Pakistan. See Inside Edition: .
During the Bush administration, the public was led to believe that bin Laden was hiding in caves in Afghanistan. Now, however, it appears that the story was created as an excuse to keep American troops fighting a senseless, and very costly, war in that country.
Instead of criticizing Bush for his actions which damaged the United States, officials and others are attempting to misdirect criticism to Pakistan. Some political analysts are saying they believe that officials in Pakistan’s government can’t admit publicly that they did aid in the attack on bin Laden.
These quotes are from Inside Edition, “Robin Roberts said on Good Morning America, "There are many Americans who are more than upset with Pakistan." and “CIA director Leon Panetta says Pakistan was "involved or incompetent." However, Pakistan doesn’t have the ability to harm the U.S. economy, or kill thousands of our soldiers, but Bush did.
The location of bin Laden was ignored by the American people who assumed that, if the information were correct, American forces would have gone after him. It’s safe to assume that the information was not ignored by Bush, but was another political deception aimed at a trusting public.
As Christiane Amanpour repeatedly tried to convince the audience that her critically important information was true, comedian Gary Shandling seemed to ridicule her repeatedly. The joke’s on Shandling, who seemed to think he knew more than a CIA official and a dedicated reporter. 
George Bush is America's Saddam.  Both were leaders of their countries when they murdered huge numbers of civilians for their own political and monetary gains.  Saddam was tried and held accountable for his murders in a court of law, so that's where the similarity ends.  
The British fired Tony Blair for his part in the Iraq War, but the American people refused to impeach Bush.  So, the question is, how many counts of treason did George Bush have to commit before the American people hold him accountable?
Terrorists should be celebrating bin Laden's death.   He's a martyr now.  Oh, wait, the leaders don't die for the 'cause', just the poor, ignorant masses.  Again, it's hard to miss the comparison with George Bush.  He deliberately refused to prevent the Bush Recession because one benefit to him and his kind is the abundance of cannon fodder, people desperate for jobs.
No reward?  An ex-CIA expert told Christiane Amanpour, and the world, that they knew where he was, so they should get the reward.  It's not their fault Bush was committing treason by hiding our #1 terrorist.

             Obama Betrays Liberals Again
Obama said he gave in to Republican demands and extended the Bush Tax Cuts so he could get an extension of benefits for the unemployed.  How many of those people are unemployed because they're Republicans who voted for Bush, or don't bother to vote at all?  They need to suffer the consequences of their stupidity.  
Obama cost some of the best Democrats their seats in Congress because he failed to make jobs his #1 priority, and gave America a corrupt national healthcare plan, because he was arrogant and refused to listen to the anger.  The first warning was the popularity of the Tea Party, but for two years he remained deaf.  Now most Americans are suffering the effects or scared they will soon.

  HR1 & Republican crimes against our humanity
Republicans were elected in 2010 by complaining about the lack of jobs and ObamaCare.
Since then, they haven't offered a single jobs bill, but have voted to cut 700,000 jobs with HR1.  They've refused to reveal their healthcare plan because they either don't have one, or have one that would be worse than Obama's.  So, as usual, Republicans lied to their voters and are financially damaging their middle class and poor voters.
With HR1, Republican thieves have demanded:
massive cuts to the middle class and poor programs, but demanded more tax cuts for the wealthy.
to cut police jobs while we have more crime due to the Bush Recession.
to cut WIC milk, eggs, etc. for poor kids, but voted to send over a hundred million to Brazil cotton farmers and voted against limiting subsidies to American corporate 'farmers' to a quarter of a million dollars a year to not grow food. 
to cut money for OUR infrastructure, but voted billions for Iraq's and Afghanistan's. 
Republicans, WISE UP!  Watch the debates on
C-SPAN at: 
               Mortgage Crisis Mystery
We can blame the mortgage crisis on greed, but there's something else going on here.  Remember how insurance companies charged a lot more for an empty house, due to the danger of vandalism or neglect?
Then suddenly, we have:
1.  banks foreclosing on homes that people want to keep, and can afford, and had to be forced to slow down the rate,
2.  which means they have to pay the insurance, taxes, and damage from things like broken water pipes and roof leaks, for all those empty houses.
It's likely part of a larger plan to destabilize and impoverish the American people.  That makes them easier to manipulate.
Think about it, our politicians could make a few occasional mistakes, and would be expected to fix them, but consider the massive number of mistakes made over a period of decades, and the fact that they all destabilize the people, and send the country deeper into debt.
Here's one theory which makes sense:   
When did WE become the enemy of our political leaders?  They've joined with business and military leaders to literally destroy us.  
The National Deficit
You start cutting the deficit in many small ways, starting with waste and corruption.  For decades, the American people have been shown where cuts should have been made, on shows like The Fleecing of America, etc., yet few people do anything to force change.  Instead of demanding that Congress cut the pork, the masses only bitch about it.  
Republicans blame the poor, most of whom are just trying to survive, but that's what cowards do - they support welfare for the powerful and cut short the lives of the poor.  All states should be required to reimburse the government for all the earmarks over the decades.
Bush is to blame for the current recessionAll he had to do was issue an executive order, stopping the banks from acting on their fraudulent loans, until litigation had run its course.  They should have been allowed to continue taking payments on those loans, but denied the right to increase rates at all.
No banks would have gone under, but those who profit by using corruption would have learned a hard financial lesson.  They would have had to eat the loss, and would not have given massive bonuses to their executives, instead they probably would have all been fired.  There would have been justice, the criminals would not have been rewarded, the entire disaster would never have happened, and the guilty would have been fired/prosecuted.  Instead, the American people are paying, and are dumping that debt onto their children.
Most Republican voters were dumb and elected a dumb president whom they identified with.  Until the masses wise up, this will never change.  Instead of criticizing politicians, the masses need to look in their mirrors and criticize themselves as the root cause of all the corruption.  Most people make pathetic excuses, saying it won't do any good to try.  They get what they wish for.
Democratic 'welfare' is designed to save lives.  It's for those who are trying to survive Republican GREED which has no limits.Republican 'welfare' is designed to destroy lives.  It's for true parasites, meaning those who bleed the country for personal gain.
Democrats deserve credit for helping the poor to survive.  Unfortunately, the programs they set up punished people who tried to get jobs, but Republicans still blamed the poor, and changed the programs to be abusive to both children and their parents.  Their goal is to punish single parents who are already doing the job of two parents, and punish children by separating them from their parents when they are too young, and forcing them to experience neglect and sometimes, abuse.    
I.L. has consistently favored the middle ground, an intelligent solution that has quality of life for human beings as the top priority.
Republicans like welfare for the wealthy, corporations, and any conservatives who don't need it.  Just as they oppose welfare for others in need, they demand it for themselves, whether they need it or not.  
I.L. believes welfare should be given out and based on need, not on political party affiliation.
Republicans LIVE THEIR ENTIRE LIVES ON WELFARE.  They don't WORK to educate themselves, they depend on Republican leaders to FEED them propaganda.  
Republican voters are ignorant and mentally ill.  They are rabid in their hatred of other people.  They have created, in their minds, a situation where huge numbers of people live on welfare their entire lives and never have to work.  If they're talking about mothers, then they
demean their own mothers
They're lying to themselves and are too stupid to get that simple fact.  If they were truly outraged about people not having to work, then why do they insist on Tax Cuts for the wealthy who do nothing but get high and buy their way out of trouble all their lives?  The fact that they aren't shows
how badly they
deceive themselves.
     (much more later)

Republicans LOVE welfare
They not only love it, they DEMAND it.
They demand an end to government programs, except the ones that benefit them, especially Social Security which is mostly welfare.
They demanded that liberals clean up their insane Bush mess, and they wanted it done immediately even though it took Bush eight full years to nearly destroy the U.S..
They DEMAND welfare for the wealthy, and demand that their children get a free ride through life, including avoiding any military service to the country they’re pillaging.
They don’t want any inheritance tax so their children can live on welfare and don’t have to work for a living.
They DEMAND welfare for insurance companies, etc. even though they’re some of the worst criminals.
No person on earth can have a conscience and not see that this is all horribly twisted and evil. Republicans consistently put money before humanity and God. It’s pure evil, yet they’ve been made blind and deaf by Republican tactics, such as phony outward appearance of goodness and media lies. So, a nation of idiots puts Republicans back in congress again, less than two short years after Bush, America’s official Village Idiot, and all his treason.
We have to force Republicans to get off their dead rears and clean up after themselves for once, then they wouldn't be so excited about making those messes in the first place. 
THAT's how you discipline naughty children.

                Welfare Departments   (later)

                Why Should We Care about
Civil Service Salaries?
On one side of the argument, civil service employees have largely ignored the rest of American workers for the past three decades. They don’t seem to care about the rest of us.
They thought they were secure, so they just watched as Nixon sent American jobs to China, then watched as Reagan and Bush gave American jobs to Mexican illegals. We haven‘t heard them voice any outrage, as a group, as about 4 million people became homeless, and are dying premature, very emotionally painful deaths.
While some of us, who aren’t civil service employees, have done so much to try and stop the carnage, they haven’t said much. So, why should we care about them now?
Chances are, those employees will lose this fight, but they’ll still have jobs, and should count their blessings. Maybe next time they’ll think twice about ignoring the crimes committed by their legislators. After all, as taxpayers, they're the money behind the corruption, so they’re the power behind it.
Maybe the rest of America will get the message before they also become victims of the Bush Recession. It’s not going to get better until legislators and presidents stop the insanity and make legitimate changes to laws that stabilize this country. Legislators, and the biased media, are deceiving the American people into believing that they’re fixing the loopholes and protecting us. However, experts keep warning us that necessary changes have not been made, and they haven’t even replaced the laws that had protected us in the past.
So, more Americans will lose everything, and more jobs lost, until the American people finally learn this lesson from history: There is strength in numbers. That’s probably why schools have been turning out students who don’t know enough history to make them a threat to governmental corruption.
Teachers are shocked at the public’s
‘unhappiness’ with them. Wait a minute. How many of them demanded that their schools, or even their own classes, not take part in ‘dumbing-down’? They were there and knew first-hand how badly our children’s futures were sabotaged.
What about not turning out criminal mentalities? What have they done to stop bullying? Very often teachers themselves are bullies. It could be that bullies enjoy what they do and grow up to be teachers so they can continue to push kids around.

        Yes, we can - stop the Bush tax cuts     
      (Erased 2/11 -  It's really too late now.) 
The American people threw away an opportunity to demand that the rich pay for THEIR Bush Recession, so they'll just have to suffer.)  How many more opportunities are they losing out on?            
4/11:  Republicans threatened to cut unemployment unless Obama extended the Bush Tax Cuts for the rich.   They claimed that would create jobs.  That's what they said the last time, and have always said, so WHERE ARE THE JOBS?  It doesn't work, yet Republicans voter just keep falling for the lies year after year, decade after decade.  They truly are too dumb to learn.

It's no coincidence that Republicans demanded the Bush Tax Cuts BEFORE they ranted about how the deficit is destroying the country and BEFORE they decided that it's the poor and middle class who have to pay for THEIR Bush Recession, war debts, and spending.

                       Stop Bad Teachers
Teachers are some of the most insidious bullies who destroy kids' lives.  It's probable that many teachers enjoyed being kid bullies so much they became teachers so they could continue to victimize kids they despise in sneaky ways so they don't get caught.  They're like child molesters who seek out kids to victimize. 
They judge children based on file notes written by previous teachers who may have hated certain children.
They ignore problems rather than work with kids to insure their success in school and in life.
Protecting bad teachers
Center for Union Facts
Teachers fight merit pay and reform
Union profiles
other articles
Teachers Unions exist to protect the worst teachers and must be abolished.  The original reasons for establishing those unions no longer exist.  If teachers are harmed by events at school, they can sue, like the rest of us.
After all we've done to the younger generations, the least we can do is give them a decent education and protect them from adult bullies so they have a fighting chance at cleaning up our corruption and debt.

To the victims of dumbing-down
                        and government lies       

Corrupt politicians sabotaged your education so you'd vote for those who want to destroy you.
The Tea Party was created and funded by Republicans, and almost everything they tell you is a lie.
If you don't vote, just look at what Republicans have done to your life.  Don't you have enough self respect to try to get rid of your worst enemies?   Your lives are on the line now. 
You have given control of your lives to total strangers who couldn't care less about you or your children.  
There’s a REASON why the government WANTED you stupid - so you won’t be able to figure out what they’re doing to you. You won’t be able to understand that you have to support those who are fighting for you. You believe those people are traitors because that’s the government’s lie.  They wanted you to believe that you're too stupid to find answers for yourself.  Bush was elected because brain-dead voters identified with him.
They want you to be so dumb that your attention will go to things that glitter and are fun (twitter, etc.) while they lie to you to get reelected. Do you think the Recession was just an accident or do you blame the victims instead of the scammers?  That’s what stupid people do.  No, it was done for a reason - to make most Americans so desperate that they won't fight back.  They'll depend on the government for survival their entire lives.  (more later)
The entire world is laughing at the stupidity of those who voted for Bush and Republicans.  They thought Americans had wised up when they elected Democrats, but now that voters elected Republicans again, we're a pathetic joke again.
It’s going to cost you everything. You’ll never have a good life. You’ll always be struggling. You’ll always be on the edge of poverty, or worried about losing everything. You won’t be able to complain or do anything to change your life.
The media will continue to lie to you about how bad it really is, just as they’ve been doing for decades. If you find a reporter who wants to expose something, the editor will kill the story. Government agencies will be even more corrupt and useless than they are now.

                  No charter school funding
Taxpayers should never have to fund schools that have less accountability than public schools.   It’s outrageous that the money will not be used to benefit public schools, since charter schools are often elitist, taking only students who will make the schools look good, (Seventh Day Adventists). They often cover up crimes and abuses against children, with no accountability (Baptists). They’re very often run by individuals and teachers who are common bitches, with their own petty little agendas, playing favorites with the kids, and deceiving parents for financial gain.
A lawsuit, in which Guide One Ins. successfully defended child abuse, means Baptists have likely endangered children all across the country.

      Why does somebody have to die first? 
The murder of one man sparked the riots in Egypt, and we see that time and time again in history.
Are the American people waiting for just one person too many to be murdered by corrupt political leaders?
History shows time and again that it takes a murder to finally push people to demand justice, but not in the U.S.
Wasn't there one soldier killed in Iraq who was important enough for liberal leaders to join Intelligent Liberals to fight treason?
Of all the wonderful people made homeless by Republican greed, wasn't there one whose death was enough?
After all the people who have died because we don't have national healthcare, wasn't there even one person whose death was enough for Republicans and Democrats to join together to demand a GOOD healthcare plan?
Not even the murder of JFK, and subsequent cover-up, was enough for the American people to demand massive changes, and to work to clean up our horribly corrupt government.  Instead, they accepted government lies which said it was either Oswald alone, or was done by the Mafia.  So, why didn't the government go after the Mafia?  They're either protecting the Mafia (or being blackmailed by them) or are lying.
                    Hold the excuses.
The rioters in Egypt didn't wait for leaders.  Yes, most people around the world live in worse conditions, but they weren’t given a government set up by men like our forefathers.  Some of them could be killed just for voting. 
Not only did lazy Americans not keep the U.S. at the same levels they inherited, but have let the U.S. slip into the gutter.  There's nothing more they could have done to tell their children that they're not worth the effort, and it will come back to haunt them.

  Cops and civilians need to work together
Cops think they're doing the right thing by writing tickets, but they'd be a lot smarter to just give warnings.  By writing tickets, they're creating anger and resentment, especially when the tickets are for the smallest infractions. 
Tickets are unfairly expensive, but just for the poor and middle classes, because they're not on a sliding fee scale.  Most people blame the cops because they aren't smart enough to blame those who set the fees.
Politicians don't care how many people are angry at cops, so cops need to decide whether to please politicians, or to work WITH the people.  That would be smarter, because cops ARE the people too.
Until they figure that out, they'll continue to be seen as a threat by most people.

There's a long, long, long list of problems that need to be addressed, and each group thinks they're going to make a huge difference, but they miss the BIG PROBLEM.
The reason the list is so long is a clue to THE problem.  There are so many issues for a reason = divide and conquer.  All those issues keep people running around in circles, fighting each other for media and public attention, and money
Each group thinks they're going to make a big difference because they have smart solutions, but they're total failures because they were outsmarted long ago.  By focusing only on their own little agendas, they miss the BIG PROBLEM.
Here's your choice:  You can either continue to be divided and manipulated, or accept the fact that each group will fail to solve problems that must be solved if we are to survive, unless they: 
Fight smart not hard!
Get control of congress first, then you can demand that good legislators get to work fixing all serious problems, and quickly!
Fight an insidious enemy:  Spend your vacation dollars only in liberal states.  Don't visit, or order products, from companies in the states that voted Republican last November.
It's because of those idiots that our own people are under attack, threatened with losing unemployment, homes, etc.  Their lives are in danger because the most simple-minded idiots in America want to 'Shut it down!'.  They are the most ignorant masses who don't want to learn anything.  They just want to rant their stupidity.  They've got power, perhaps for the first times in their pathetic lives, and don't know what to do with it.  Tea Party idiots are more dangerous than terrorists in regard to their ability to cripple the economy and the number of Americans they can harm. 

                    Fight the oil companies
This time of year isn’t too hot or cold to bike, motorbike, walk, roller skate, etc. If Americans will avoid all unnecessary trips, and consolidate errands into one trip, they can save a huge amount of gas, and send a message to the oil companies.
Instead of taking a ‘vacation’ which will be stressful, expensive, and leave you exhausted, try making your backyard a daily vacation. If you decided to make it a mini-park, you can de-stress daily, instead of letting it accumulate and damage your health.
Encourage every member of your family to add their creative touches. Plant a couple of dwarf fruit trees, or grow them flat against a wall. If you plant a couple of small shade trees, with bushes underneath, and assorted sun and shade plants, you can create something you can be proud of all year.
Most importantly, keep suet feeders filled in the winter to keep birds alive, and you’ll be rewarded with a backyard that comes alive all year long.  Bird populations are being decimated by cats too, so keep feeders above thick brush, etc. where birds can't search for seeds on the ground.

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